Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greta's Kindergarten Graduation

This was the first year for Eagle Valley to do a Kindergarten Graduation. Greta was so cute in her little green cap and gown. She got a diploma, a cap full of candy and some pictures to remember the day.

Greta and Alyssa Vehar

Mrs. Spaulding

Mrs. Joy

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Austin's Field Day

Austin has 18 boys in his class and only 9 girls in his class. He came in 2nd in his class for the 50 yard dash. What a great job!

Nick, Austin, Curtis and Jimi.

Getting ready for the tug of war.

Pulling with all his might, love his face in this picture.

I love being able to volunteer at the school and that I have great neighbors who will watch my kids for me so I can go. It's been a busy week, but I'm loving spending this fun time with my kids. It brings back so many memories from my last weeks of school.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greta's Field Day!

We were not very prepared for field day, it was colder than it should've been and we couldn't find Greta's tennis shoes anywhere. But she had a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun being there to help her class.

These are Greta's best friends. Payton, Maddie, Greta and Alyssa.

Getting ready for tug of war. The girls beat the boys.

They played water games and had more fun getting each other wet instead of filling up the bucket.

Greta even won 2nd place in the 50 yard dash with her slip on shoes. She would've won by a mile if she had her tennis shoes. I'm so glad Greta got to have such a fun day and that I got to spend it with her.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pinewood Derby

I had no idea what was involved in a pinewood derby car. The wheels have to be balanced just right, you have put graphite on the wheels and the weights in the right place. For Austin's first car he did great!

Jeremy, Austin and Braden watching the race.

Austin's car taking off!

Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Ryan came to watch the race. My dad is the pinewood derby making king. All of my brothers are first place winners more than once. He gave us some great tips.

Austin came in 7th place out of about 30 cars. Good job Austin!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Murray Park

We decided to spend some Saturday's visiting all our favorite parks. We spent today at Murray Park. This park has a lot of memories for me, I used to come here all the time in high school with friends. My bridal portraits were also taken at this park.

We packed a cooler full of food and the kids were so excited. Olivia loves playgrounds and couldn't get enough of the slide.

The kids found this huge dirt pile and had to climb it and get messy.

Then they had to clean their feet in the river.

There was an old military gun for them to climb on.

It was a great day spent at the park. It ended with Olivia having a major diaper blowout all over the place and Austin getting a tummy ache. We arrived at home with 4 sleepy happy kids.