Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

What's been happening in the Robinson home, I'll tell you. Alina decided to decorate her room. She chose a maxi pad to accent her walls.

Olivia thinks she can walk around the house with this armor on. The problem was that she had the helmet over her eyes and kept running into walls. She quickly learned it wasn't real armor.

Cameron is always wrestling with the kids and they love it. I think Olivia won this match and Greta lost.

We got a skiff a snow and Alina and Olivia decided to brave the cold. They lasted about 5 minutes.

We have our tree up.

And our stockings hung.

Greta turns 7 on the 29th but we did her party early because she couldn't wait.

We had dirt cups with worms inside for dessert. Greta's choice. Those two sweet girls in the back are two of my Beehives. They came to paint the girls nails all fancy.

And this is how Olivia looks after she eats anything. Why do I even try to get her looking cute.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dancing The Night Away

Cam and I went dancing with my parents, brother Shane and his girlfriend Amy. We went to the Murray Arts Center. Cameron and I went there a few years ago and took a dance class, we were the youngest ones there and it was a lot of fun. So I was very excited when my family wanted to go again. We went out to dinner at Chuck-A-Rama first and then off to the ball. It was so much fun, so many cute old couples to look at. The live band was great and I can't wait to go back many more times.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


This year has been a year of remembering to always be grateful for me. Cameron lost his job the day before Thanksgiving last year. At first I was terrified, but then because of prayer I was calm. I've learned that through adversity we can become stronger. That we have something to learn. That our Heavenly Father knows best. As I'm being molded and shaped into someone better I can't help but be grateful for my trials. Because Cameron lost his job we had many tender mercies offered to our family. It was a chance to teach our children. We had food dropped off, presents for Christmas, money sent in the mail, gift cards, neighbors coming over and demanding to take us to the store to get us what we need, and the list goes on. People are good. My heart was touched. I'm grateful for what I learned, and for how I have become closer to my Savior. Cameron was out of work for a little over 5 months. I got used to having him home. I loved all the time we got to spend together. When he did get a job it wasn't the one we wanted it was still a huge pay cut and far away. But I was once again reminded to be grateful. He now has a job that is down the street. He doesn't even have to get on the freeway, and he loves it. Gratitude brings forth many blessings. I have seen that work in my life so many times. Any trial we face has a reason and a blessing attached to it. It's our duty to find out what that blessing and reason is. It's our duty to become stronger and never waiver. My new favorite quote by Elder Monson says, "Be of good cheer! Your future is as bright as your faith." How true that is.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween this year was a bit disappointing because of all the rain. The kids still looked adorable in their costumes. The kids and Cameron braved it out in the rain. We only had an hour in our neighborhood because we needed to get to my parents so we could see my brother and his family before they left.

As we were rushing out the door we were very happy to know that we didn't miss this site. Jason in a flying monkey costume.

The kids got lots more candy in my parents neighborhood and luckily it wasn't raining. Olivia loved getting candy, she's doing a happy dance here in the picture.
And this is Olivia the next day after church. She got into her bucket and took out 3 suckers and would switch between them all. She loves her candy, and we love watching her happy dance when she gets some.