Monday, November 24, 2008

Crazy Busy

We've had a fun, crazy, busy weekend. It started Friday with a birthday party for Austin in Riverton. Then we hung out with my parents and I tried out a recipe I got from April that you cook inside a pumpkin, it was gooood.

On Saturday in preparation for the game we decided to put up some BYU signs in Brad and April's yard. They are die hard Ute fans so we thought they needed some help. The kids had so much fun making sign and sneaking them into their yard.

Then my brother Matthew came over with his kids and helped Cameron put up our Christmas lights. They did such a good job, they look fantastic! We even had time to play a game.

Then Cam went to watch the BYU game and I went to Lyndee's with Jamie to learn how to make earrings. They turned out great, although I was a little frusterated at first. I also learned how to make bracelets this weekend.

Then after BYU stunk it up we went over to Denise's home for girls night. We played Pictionary and ate waaaaay too many sticky buns.

Sunday we went to my parents to celebrate Greta's, Tessa's, and Melinda's B-day. Tessa got to pick the dinner this time and she picked Hawaiian haystacks known to our family as chinese sunday. Cam hates this dinner but ended up having 2 plates. I think he's making up his hatred for it.

Then today to remind us of BYU losing April had to bring us over these cookies. I've decided that if I get cookies we can be rivals on everything. After all I am a very hungry pregnant woman!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Princess Party

Greta had her very first friend birthday party today. The day started out perfect because her Aunt Shan's birthday package to Greta came today. It was filled with Littlest Petshops. She was soooooo happy.

We had 10 girls there, 12 with Greta and Alina. Greta has never had so many friends in her life, she's so happy to finally have so many great friends. All the girls looked so cute in their princess outfits.

We did makeovers and finger painting. Austin even got to help paint fingernails, he was a good sport through the whole thing. All the girls wanted to be with Austin and flirted with him as well as 5 year olds can.

We have a great CD with old dance songs on it and the girls had fun doing the limbo and chicken dance.

Greta got lots of great presents. Alina is very upset that she didn't get any. Greta isn't ready to share yet and Alina has just been sobbing about it. I reminded her that she didn't want to share her new toys when it was her birthday either. She looked at me with big elephant tears and said, "oh mommy I promise I'll share every day." Greta isn't buying it.

She wanted a Hello Kitty cake thank goodness! It was an easy one to make and turned out really cute. Greta gets to have another party on Saturday with her Utah family and another one on her birthday with her Idaho family, she can hardly wait!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This is what I woke up to.

Austin: Dad can you spell CUP?
Dad: C U P (see you pee)
Austin and Dad laughing hysterically
Dad: Can you spell I cup ( I see you pee)
More hysterical laughing.
Austin: Hey dad why were you under there?
Dad: Under Where? (underwear)
The laughing doesn't stop this time.

Friday, November 14, 2008


My sweet husband is the best ever! My calling in church is Enrichment Leader and he knows how much I want the women in our ward to come to our Enrichment activities. Sometimes some men have work conflicts so they can't be home to watch their kids, or like last night there was a stake meeting at the same time as Enrichment. So last night like many other nights Cameron had ELEVEN kids and three of them were under 2. He watched them so me and the girls could go to Enrichment for a night of pampering with a pie making demonstration, eating pies and making our hands nice and smelly with paraffin wax. It was a great night and had it not been for my sweet husband not everyone could attend. I didn't get home in time to get the pictures of all the kids that were there. But you get the idea. Thanks Babe!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Family Photos

My great friend Lyndee took our family pictures on Saturday and I loooove them. They turned out beautiful! Take a look. She has the best rates ever check her out at


Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Little Time Traveler

Alina woke me up this morning and she came in with her sock filled with rocks. A little background for you is that she is constantly losing her shoes, she can't go outside until she finds them. It's been a big challenge for her. Here is our conversations about her sock filled with rocks.

Alina: Hi mom.
Mom: Hi Alina, are those rocks in your sock?
Alina: Ya
Mom: When did you put rocks in your socks.
Alina: (pauses) ummm I went tomorrow, but not yesterday.
Mom (a look of confusion)
Alina: Don't worry I had my shoes on.

My daughter must be a time traveler, at least she had her shoes on. I'm pretty sure though that she got the rocks this morning, without her shoes.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Alina: Let's play house mom.
Mom: Okay
Alina: You be the baby and I'll be the mom. Now let's go to the store.
Mom: But mom I pooped, you need to change my diaper.
Alina: (cackles and says) I'm not the mommy anymore poopy.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Weekend!

We had a very busy week. Here are my cute preschool kids. We did a Halloween party and told stories and frosted sugar cookies.

Friday I had to help out in Austin's class party. I got to dress up like a witch and have the kids help me make a monster. And then since my friend Kim mentioned "The Green Hand" story in a comment I decided to tell them that as well. It's a story my dad told us everytime we had a birthday sleepover. We had kids crying and wanting to go home, it was great fun. Part of the story says that if the green hand touches you he'll leave a green mark on you. One kid was so into it and asked me if he thought that meant the green hand could turn him into the Hulk. Good stuff.

After the party we rushed home to get ready for Cameron's parents to arrive and the kids COULD NOT wait for them to get here. Austin stood pacing on the porch, then he decided he'd ride his bike to see if he could find them. Greta kept herself busy by cleaning, boy were they glad when they finally got here.

We had a beautiful fairy princess, a scary pirate that likes to say, "Arrrgh Matey" and the perfect Harry Potter. The kids had a great time trick or treating. Austin went with Braden and Carter and to some homes they went three times. Greta went out once with me and once with her dad and Papa. Alina only made it out once, she was too busy eating her candy when we got back. She told me later that night she had a tummy ache....hmmmmm....I wonder why

On Saturday we went to a historical site called Camp Floyd not far from our home and went on a tour and looked at some trees that were 150 years old. I got some great pictures of the kids in the fall foliage that I'll post later. Later that day we went to our ward party and I forgot my camera and then to a 50th wedding anniversary for Grandma Casperson's sister. We had a great weekend and we are so happy you came to see us Nana and Papa. We are on the countdown for Thanksgiving.