Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dance Class

Greta starts dance today! She has been waiting for 2 months for her dance class to start and today is the day. Cam and I took her shopping yesterday for her dance clothes. She had so much fun trying things on and dancing in the mirrors to see what one she would like best. She was very paticular, it had to be pink and it had to have a little skirt. She found the perfect combination and can't wait to go today. She has been practicing her ballerina moves all morning long and made me do her hair right away. She still has 2 1/2 hours until dance class, we'll see how her hair looks then.

We signed her up with little girls her age and she will also learn tumbling and tap dance. My mom and I got out my old tap dance pictures and my old dance costumes and Greta got to try them on. I was the same age as her when I started dance and I still remember it. How strange it is to have my own little girl going to her first day of dance.