Sunday, March 2, 2008

Afternoon at the Park

Quick, Get the Fire Department!



I'm The Queen of the World!

Greta Really, Really Doesn't Like Mud

The swings at the park had mud underneath them, so we had to be very careful getting on and off. Sadly, Greta slipped a little and dragged her feet in the mud on accident. It splashed up and got on her pants:

Greta was distraught. She stared down at her pants and tried to hold back the tears. She wanted to go home and change right away, but she didn't want to have to leave the park. The dilemmas of childhood!

I convinced her to stay, we got back on the swings, and we didn't have another accident again.

Austin Rides a Bike

Austin's bike used to have training wheels on it. But not any more! Now he's a riding machine. It reminds me of my old red BMX that I used to ride all over the place, and pretend it had missile launchers and lasers on it to destroy the tanks and zombies that constantly attacked our neighborhood.

So Austin goes on bike rides with his friends all the time now, and we have a constant stream of bikes on our front lawn. It's a great little neighborhood for bike riding.

We went on a walk yesterday and Austin and Greta took their bikes along. Austin likes to race ahead, and Greta likes to stick around Dad. She tires quickly and needs a push every now and then.


Flowers are on their way!

...And so are the weeds