Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facebook Posts From February

Feb-1-Olivia just said to me, "Mom when baby Lincoln is almost here is your stomach going to be bigger than your butt?" She's lucky she's so cute.

February 4- Livy: mom I just did something awesome!
Then she shows me that she wrote the #6 and as I'm taking the picture she's singing in a cocky voice, "I'm a smarty pants, oh yeah."

February 6-Livy was playing church with her babies and I hear her say, "does anyone know how Jesus died....(pause)...that's right he ate a poisonous apple." I had to clarify the truth of how he died. She still doesn't believe me.

February 6-It sure makes for a humorous family scripture night when the 3 year old wants to read and the verse she gets has the word a$$ in it, and then she misunderstands me on the next part and says "freaking socks" instead of feed among his flocks.

February 8-A sure sign that our lazy way of speaking confuses children. I found this note on Alina's door, "Alina and Olivia's club, no boys allowed, busept dad."

February 8-Olivia: mom remember how you grounded all the other kids today? Me: No, I didn't ground them. Olivia: yes you did...OK, OK, OK,OK..... If you say okay then I'll stop stop saying ok, but if you don't I won't stop......OK, OK, OK, OK OK OK OK OK

February 15th-Olivia: Mom do you think when we go to the store everyone is going to stare at me because I'm so cute in my new skirt? Me: Yep Liv, I'm sure they will. Olivia: Well then I'm mad at everyone, I don't want them to stare at me.

 Feb 21st-Liv-(pretend phone ringing) Hello....what do you want boyfriend?.......No I won't watch your cat, you don't even have a cat, DUH! (she hangs up).
Liv-(pretend phone rings again) What now boyfriend? I won't watch your baby I'm teaching school!
Me-Your boyfriend doesn't sound very nice why are you his girlfriend?
Liv-I'm not his girlfriend, he's just my boyfriend, DUH!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Olivia Is Obviously In Charge

So I decided to have a talk with Liv about some rules we need to have when Lincoln is here. Here's how it went....

Me: Liv you know that when Lincoln is born you can't just pick him up, only mommy can.

Liv: But mom I'm going to be a big sister.

Me: I know, but you're still too little to pick......

She then quietly puts her hand over my mouth so I can't finish and stares at me as if she's going to put me in timeout if I finish the sentence.

And I love this picture of her.  She was patiently waiting for dance and showing her independence by wearing polka dot shoes instead of dance shoes.  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It BETTER Be A Brother!

I had a pregnancy checkup yesterday and my doctor told me the baby's heartbeat was sounding like a girl. I came home and told Austin. He freaked out, so I had to get my ultrasound pics to show him there is no way it's a girl. Thank goodness my ultrasound tech had a good sense of humor (I made him check 3 times), and he likes to use technical terms.:) Austin is breathing easy now.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Baby Lincoln

Olivia is SO excited for Lincoln to get here, she can't wait.  We were in his room getting things ready and she was looking at his dino book.  I caught this picture.  It's one of my favorites.  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Cards

The kids and I had a fun time designing their V-day cards. I had fun using my new backdrops for my studio. Man I have cute kids!! 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dance Recital

We signed all the girls up for dance last October. They LOVE IT! Their teacher is right in our neighborhood so it's really convenient. They had their first recital and we were so proud of them. They looked so cute all dressed up. It was a long rehearsal, 3 hours, and then they still had to do the actual performance right after that. They did AWESOME! 

During rehearsal Olivia wasn't really doing her dance. I told her that if she danced her very best we would take her out for ice cream after she was done. She did so good and was really the only one in her class dancing. The second she got to me she said, "did I do good?" I said, "yes you did!!" Then she said, "so do I get ice cream?!" We took them for Arctic Circle and had a great night. 

I love my little family and watching the things they accomplish and learn!

This was Olivia after she had practiced two times.  She asked if it was time to go.  I told her she still had to do it one more time for all the moms and dads.  This is the face she got.  And then she found out all her rootbeer was gone too. :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Playing With Shaped Bokeh

I found this cool tutorial online to make lights in the background a shape, so of course I had to try it out. My girls had a fun time being silly with in front of the camera.