Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend of Fun to Weekend of Puke

This year we decided to take turns planning our anniversary. This year it was mine. I had such glorious plans. Here was the itinerary.

Dinner at Tucano's
Harry Potter
Head up to cabin in Midway
7 Peaks
Picnic Lunch
Sonic Happy Hour
Dinner at Tarahumara's in Midway
River Rafting
Picnic at cabin
Shopping at Park City Outlets
Ropes Course

But our weekend went a little something like this.

-Dinner at Tucano's (disgusting, luckily it was free)
-Harry Potter (boring, and then we got called by our friend letting us know Livy was sick)
-Midway (didn't happen, we had to go home to take care of Livy)
-Our River Rafting trip got changed to Friday instead of Saturday, but since Livy was sick we missed it.
-7 Peaks (success!)
-Picnic Lunch (nope we forgot to pack tennis shoes for our ropes course and hiking so we had to go all the way back home)
-Sonic (success!)
-Stopped in Midway to see if we could river raft on Saturday. They said that since it was our anniversary they would take us out on a kayak trip.
-Dinner (success)
-Movie (success)
-12am rolled around and Cameron spent the rest of the night puking.
-5am I wake up and realize he isn't there.
-6:30am when we were supposed to wake up for our river rafting trip
-7am I drive to Midway Adventure Company to tell them we aren't going to make it. If looks could kill I'd be dead. They were pretty upset we canceled since they were making a special trip for us.
-7:15am I'm buying pepto for Cam and bawling my eyes out.
-11am Cam finally starts to feel better. But I think it was just because all that was left to puke out was his internal organs.
-12am arrive at Park City and find absolutely nothing to buy
-2pm arrive at Plato's closet and find some great stuff
-5:45pm the time we were supposed to be at our ropes course but Cam still didn't feel well enough. Good thing we drove all the way home and missed our picnic lunch to get those shoes.
-6pm return home, watch a movie and Cam is out.

Then to top it all off he has to speak in church so we don't even get to sit by each other with our kids gone. And then he has to do tithing after church so here I am at home blogging waiting for him to come home so we can get our kids.

Am I complaining, heck yes. I couldn't wait for this weekend, and I'm really disappointed it turned out the way it did. But with that being said I couldn't be more blessed to be married to the man that I am. Here's to eternity babe, even if you are puking.

Here we are on "Bunker Hill." That's what I call it anyways. Every time we come to Midway Cam says, "what do you think that hill is with the flag on the top?" (And he never remembers that he says this). This year we found out that it's actually called Memorial Hill. It lists all the names of the men and women who fought in every war from Wasatch County.

And here I am being a snot because I had no desire to come up to this hill, so I'm trying to look astonished and jubilant. I don't think it worked. :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th Of July Weekend

What a great weekend full of friends, family, bbq's, fireworks, and the mountains.

The kids getting ready for "diving for candy" at the Riverton Town Days. They got hooked up!
It was so hot so we needed some shade.

I love this picture of Alina. It captures how much she enjoys life. She couldn't wait to go on this ride all by herself.
Awww....what a cute couple.

We conquered the zipper, but I almost barfed.

The next day we headed up to Silver Lake with the whole family. The kids had to eat on this rock. As you can see Greta is storing her food for winter.

Shane and Amy. They are getting married in September, yay!

The kids and I hiked up the ginormous rock.

And yes believe it or not there was still snow in July, so we went sledding.

And had a snowball fight, Greta won.

I love this picture of Cam in shorts in snow and just how cute he is with Livy.

And here's the cutest picture of all, my parents. Thanks to them I get to enjoy life with my sweet family.