Monday, April 22, 2013

Olivia Turns 4!

Livy is 4 today. She has been counting down to this day since her last birthday. She woke up to her favorite cereal and some new fingernail polish. She also asked for a scooter and she got it. We met dad for lunch and went to Sonic. Sonic is one of her favorite places on earth. She loves the blue coconut slushies. She wanted to do a quick photo session with her dad and her best friend Ashlyn. That night we went as a family to get ice cream and the night ended with Olivia throwing a temper tantrum.

 Here's 10 reasons why I love my Liv. 

1. Her sass. Getting ready for her family birthday party yesterday she tells me she needs to be a bit more sassy for it so she blings herself up. And she says this all to me in the voice of a teenager. 

2. Her love for gum. She will save every penny she finds so she has enough to buy a pack. She will then chew every piece within an hour. But not before she shares with her siblings. 

3. That her favorite show is Good Luck Charlie and she's really hoping her baby brother Lincoln will come today so it can be just like an episode. 

4. Her sensitivity. She looks at a picture of her grandpa Mike who passed away last year and cries. She misses him so much. She asked me the other day how his heart broke. This same day as we were driving around there were baby cows and horses everywhere and she said to me, "all these baby cows and horses are making me want to cry!" We had to pull over numerous times so she could watch them. 

5. She is a daddy's girl. She never wants him to leave in the morning. She gives him lots of kisses every time she sees him and when she's bigger she wants to marry him. 

6. Her love of the word Ba-bam. She says it all the time in her little teenage voice. It never ceases to make us all laugh. 

7. Her joy at being a big sister soon. She can hardly wait and talks about it all the time. She loves her little brother she hasn't even met yet so much that you can see it and feel it from her. 

8. That she recognizes how smart she is. She's confident already at such a young age. I hope she always has that same self esteem and confidence as she gets older and still says things like, "gosh I don't know why I'm so smart mom I just am!" 

9. Her ability to play. The other day our house was surrounded by sharks and she pinky swore me that they had legs and could get us so we had to stay on my bed and sing in opera to be safe. She has a very active imagination. 

10. Her bossiness. She has made little boys wear dresses who come down with a ball in their belly telling me Olivia is making them be pregnant and they just want to go home. She tells Cameron and I what is happening for the day. She thinks she's in charge and although sometimes it's very frustrating I also find it very cute. This little girl knows what she wants. Happy birthday to our Olivia! We love her infinity plus 40 (what she tells us).