Thursday, June 30, 2011

P90X and Olivia

Whenever I do P90X the kids love to do it with me. Olivia loves it when I do push-ups because she tries to sit on my back, which gives me a better workout. Today she decided to do it with me again, but she had to have my tennis shoes on.
She cracks me up.

Look at those guns, I'm scared, are you?!

That is the face of a serious competitor.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Work Party

My mom's work knows how to throw a party! We all got matching shirts, had all we could eat stake and chicken with all the fixings. A ginormous bounce house and life sized bouncy balls of terror you sit inside and roll down the hill in. It was an awesomely fun time!

We also had a very competitive game of volleyball and my team of Shannon, Shane, and Austin won! Cameron, Amy, Greta, and some random guy were pretty upset about losing. They now owe us $100 bucks and have yet to pay up.

Olivia was crazy on the bounce house slide. She would jump from the top and land close to the bottom. Everyone there couldn't believe how little and daring she was. One guy said she should take up parkour. I think she already has, she's always been our kid who jumps from coffee table to chair and back again.

I went down the hill and it was awesome. I need one of my own.

Even Olivia loved to go in the giant ball of terror. I can't believe how brave she is.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

I'm so grateful for the men in my life. My dad has always been an example of what a dad and priesthood holder should be. He's also the perfect grandpa, I've never met someone who is better. I'm so glad that I have Cameron. He's so patient, sweet, and thoughtful towards me. He's a wonderful father to our children. The kids always want to be with their dad, and for good reason.

For Father's day this year the kids and I made Cameron breakfast that of course had to include bacon. For the past 2 years the kids have given Cameron coupons to use for back rubs, tickles, and feet and head rubs, but every time he tries to use one they tell him no. I told the kids they couldn't give him another useless coupon book this year. But they all got together and gave him a group massage for Fathers Day. Some complained, and wouldn't do it so they had to go 5 minutes without talking or complaining or the time would start over again. Let's just say that Cameron had a really long massage.

Alina's Ballet Recital

Alina has been taking ballet since February and she has gotten so good at it. I love watching her dance, she's always had a natural ability for it.

On June 18th she had her first recital. Her ballet academy did Sleeping Beauty. It was 2 hours long, but so cute. Our little ballerina did awesome and she looked beautiful. I think we'll keep her in.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Changes, and Big Blessings.

We have had another crazy year of unexpected stress and blessings. Cameron was working for Invictus Law where he worked long hard hours cleaning up their books and creating massive spreadsheets for not only Invictus but some other companies they owned. In January he hit his 90 day review and went in asking for a big raise. We were currently making $22K a year less than we were used to. They gave him a $22K a year raise. We were so excited and felt very blessed. We spent a whole Saturday making a new budget with plans to have our van paid off this year and our house in 10. We couldn't wait. Three weeks later they let him go. We never even had a full month pay at his raise.

I was very upset, very confused, and very angry. I couldn't believe this was happening again to us. At the same time I felt calm and peaceful and knew everything would work out, but I just simply did not want to go through it again and have our financial goals put on hold. We had planned to use our tax return to pay off our van. Now we had to live off of it, but I was grateful to have it.

Right away Cameron got interviews, which was better than the last time around. There seemed to be better jobs, but we both just felt like we had to be patient, that it wasn't going to happen when we wanted.

Cameron had a really promising interview with a company called Natures Sunshine. He made it to three interviews. We waited and waited for a phone call and they kept telling us they hadn't decided. During this wait time he received another phone call for an interview with a company called Young Living. He had three interviews with them as well. The waiting almost killed us. Nature Sunshine still hadn't made a decision after 5 agonizing weeks. Young Living told us they would get back to us on a certain day and didn't. It was so frustrating, especially because he felt very strongly that he had the job with Young Living. But Cameron had applied to this job the day after he was let go and it took 2 months for them to even call for a first interview so all we could do was wait.

On Monday May 23rd we thought for sure we would hear something. We waited, we prayed, and 5:00 came and went and we heard nothing. We stopped checking email at that time. It was 6:30 and we were eating dinner, but Cam was upstairs for some reason, probably praying and he came downstairs with a weird look on his face. He grabbed me and said come here. I was worried something was wrong. And he told me that Young Living emailed him an offer letter. I was so shocked, relieved, happy, and grateful. We knelt in pray and offered up our hearts full of gratitude. The money compensation was more than we've ever made. It's located at Thanksgiving Point which is only a 30 minute drive for Cam. He doesn't even have to get on the freeway.

Because we had the job offer it worked out for us to go to California. They didn't want him to start until the 13th so Cam just asked if the 15th would be ok for a start date since we would be on vacation. They were fine with it. He started yesterday and came home so excited. Young Living sells essential oils and other healthy items. He came home with tons of free stuff and told me all about the awesome benefits he has. They have a gym he can workout out for free, he gets free golfing at Thanksgiving Point. They have a matching 401K plan, tons of vacation, free products, a chance to earn bonuses, and an opportunity to work with a bunch of great people and be a part of a wonderful team. Cameron will be in charge of the Mexico office and will get to travel there occasionally. He will also be in charge of budgeting for the whole company which he will be very good at.

It's weird to not have him home with me since in the last year he was unemployed for 10 months, but I'm so grateful we found this job. I know it's because of faith, prayers, and a loving Heavenly Father that we have this miracle and I'm very grateful for all I learned through this trial.

Carlsbad Beach 2011

We were so excited to go to Cali for a vacation this year and felt very blessed to be able to do so. There were 9 families from our neighborhood that went. The Andersons, Hintzes, Vehars, Lillies, Fitzsimmons, Johnsons, Owens, and the Barneys. e left on Wednesday June 8th and drove to Primm Nevada to stay overnight to break the driving up. We met almost everyone else there and all went to Denny's for dinner. The wait was horrible and the food was terrible. But we were full. Thursday we made it to the campground. The weather started out chilly but by the end of our time there it was warm. We went to the La Jolla tide pools two different day. Our kids love it there. There's a million hermit crabs to catch, sea shells to find and seals to watch. It's also so beautiful in La Jolla. Alina could live in the tide pools of La Jolla. She jumps right in trying to find all the hermit crabs and shells she can. She always has a smile on her face and can't wait to find a new pool to explore.

Austin was always off with his friends boogie boarding or hanging out. I hardly have any pictures of him. I can't believe how old and independent he's becoming.
Greta didn't want to go to Cali and begged us to leave her with my parents. But she got there and had a great time, but took awhile to smile in the pictures. She couldn't let us realize she was having fun after the fuss she made :) Olivia hated the water, she was happy to just play in the sand. She also hated the drive. The drive home was the worse. She was so angry and screamed most of the way. We were happy to be home and get out of the car.

The vacation was fun, but frustrating. I left to Cali with a head cold that then turned into a sinus infection and ear infection. I had to call my doctor and pick up a prescription for it in California. Once I got the medicine in me and started feeling better Cameron came down with a fever, then Greta, and all the kids had coughs. On top of it our air mattress didn't work and the ground was very hard and unwelcoming. It was a lot of sleepless nights and by the end of it we were all exhausted.
We did get to see Corona beach which has the best sand I've ever seen. The kids buried themselves in it and had a great time. We hunted for shells and I found a perfect sand dollar, which is very hard to find. I didn't get to boogie board as much as I wanted because of my ear infection, but when I did it was so fun. The waves were great, the water relaxing, and the company even better. I'm very grateful to have such great friends and to live in such a great neighborhood. Someone asked us while we were there if we were on a family reunion, when we told him it was just a bunch of friends he thought that was really cool. And it was.

Happy to be in the car because the trip had only just started.

Alina started collecting shells the second we arrived.

Greta refusing to smile because then we might realize she actually did have fun.

Alina so happy to be on the beach.

I love this picture of Cam.

La Jolla tide pools with my girls and Alyssa Vehar.

The squirrels are fat and unafraid of people at La Jolla.

Alina always had her crab bucket next to her and was constantly touching them. She literally loved them to death.

I found the cutest bathing suit and was so glad I did!

Livy loved playing in the sand.

Sami Hintze and Alina making their own hot tub. I don't want to know how they heated it.;)

Alyssa and Greta wave jumping.

Megan, Becky, Holly, Becki, Hilary, and Teresa getting our boogie on.

Alina in a tide pool crab hunting and truly happy.

Megan, and Bella helped Alina and I hunt for shells and crabs at Corona beach.

Livy held a crab, but only for a second.

The anger is starting to simmer in Olivia, can you see it?

Sami and Alina sacked out even with Olivia crying.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cute Greta

Sunday dinner at my parents house everyone was asking the kids about their last week of school. Greta wouldn't answer anyone. She was sitting next to me and leaned over and whispered, "mom I need to talk to you over there." We left the table and she said to me in the saddest voice ever, "mom everyone keep asking me about school and it's making me think about Mrs. Z and miss her all over again." And then she broke down into tears. I love my sweet, tenderhearted little girl.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day of School

On the last day of school my three kids had completely different emotions. Austin could hardly wait for it to be over and begged me not to make him go the last day. Alina enjoyed every second of it and just had fun. And Greta was extremely sad to see it all end.

Austin's teacher Mr. Parks this year was a first year teacher who wasn't very organized and never really challenged Austin. He became very bored, part of that was his own fault for not trying anymore. It was a very disappointing year for him and Austin didn't ever care to get a picture with him. I wish I would've made him now.

Alina loved her teacher Ms. Weber. She is getting better at reading and can recognize all her letters now. I often helped out in her class and was shocked at how much she knew because at home she acts like she doesn't know anything. She enjoyed all the fun things that the last week of school had to offer.

Greta had the best teacher by far this year. Her name was Mrs. Zmoos, Mrs. Z for short. She was so good with her classroom and Greta thoroughly enjoyed learning. Greta has had such a hard time knowing that school is ending. When we got home she cried and cried about having to leave 1st grade. It's especially hard for her because Mrs. Z is moving to Iowa so her husband can attend dental school. Greta knows she won't see her again. When we got home from school today Greta wanted me to take her back for a picture with Mrs. Z and one last goodbye. We are so grateful that Greta had such a great year in school. She has grown in so many ways. They shy little girl who wouldn't talk to anyone is gone and we know that that is largely because she had such a wonderful teacher.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Readers Theatre

The 1st grade put on a little show for us and it was so cute. Greta loves to read and is so good at it. She can't ever decide what book to read so she's always reading more than one at the same time. There are a lot of kids from our ward in 1st grade together. They did such a great job.

Alyssa and Greta

Austin Moser, Adam Holley, Alyssa Vehar, Greta Robinson, Addie Porter, Jude Vale

Field Day

Since Cameron is still unemployed (but only until June 15th) we got to help out at the schools field day together. We were in charge of the 50 yard dash, my favorite game since I was a kid on field day. Our kids did awesome, they get their speed from me ;). Alina and Greta came in 4th place and Austin won 1st place. He even ran in cleets on the asphalt. So proud of my kiddos.