Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Our Little Me Monster

This little girl is so very sweet, and so very spoiled at the same time. Her new favorite word is "NO!" She will walk around the house saying "no" for no reason at all. If the kids touch something that she doesn't think they should she runs up to them screaming "NO" and pushes them away. She also can't keep her clothes on or her face clean. But then this cute little me monster will walk up to me and squeeze me tight and tell me "hi," and all is well..... And then out of the corner of her eye she'll see Alina get a drink and she thinks it should be her drink and the me monster returns.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So here are our friends Jamie and Trent....

They look pretty innocent right?!? Well they aren't. Let me just tell you a little story about these innocent looking people. It all started last Thursday night. I went to a play with Jamie called The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie. Jamie loves anything scary and I had decided that I was going to scare her since she thinks she can't be scared. So after the play we were walking to the car and I grabbed her and screamed. I totally scared her, although she says she was just startled. Then on the way home we are passing a semi and she screamed and got me back. So you'd think we were even, apparently not....

While Cam and I were driving home from Ogden Sunday night I was already spooked out by the blackness of the sky from the fire. It reminded me of the book "The Road." It was eerie that night. We get home, tired and ready for bed and I walk into my room and this is what greets me....

I screamed so loud that Cameron came running and he asked me what was wrong and I said, "JAMIE!" She broke into my house while we were gone, so watch out for the Coe's all my EM friends. Cameron is laughing hysterically and my heart won't stop pounding. I call Jamie and she just laughs as well. So as if that isn't enough I continue getting ready for bed, very jumpy at this point and I go to my closet to change my clothes and this is what's waiting for me.....

If any of you know me I HATE clowns. Ever seen "It" by Stephen King? That movie freaked me out as a child, Jamie knows this. Cameron had already seen this in our closet and was just waiting for me to open the closet door for my "surprise." I screamed even louder with this one. I had to have Cameron take it out, I don't even like to look at the picture. Needless to say Jamie got me good. I was too scared to even get into bed, I made Cameron make sure there was nothing under our sheets.

Now you'd think it would end there, but no, it doesn't. At 12:37am we were serenaded with LOUD evil screaming coming from under our bed. I almost had another heart attack. Jamie and Trent had put a tape player set to a timer to go off and scare us while we were sleeping. So if any of my neighbors were woken up to this sound like we were blame the Coes!
I think Jamie and Trent need paybacks, anyone want to help me?

Weekend of Fun!

My brother and his family and my dearest friend Jenalee both moved the same weekend to Ogden. So this weekend we went up to see both families and their new homes.

How I've missed my friend Jen. She used to live in Lehi, not too far from us. Through the years we have been through so much together. We had a nice talk one night about all the things we have learned because of what we've been through. I love being able to have a friend I can talk to, one who will listen and give advice without judging. Someone who I have fun with, can laugh with and cry with.

Jen taught me how to can while we were there. I'm so grateful to her for that. I'm so grateful that our kids have so much fun together. That they took in a disabled dog to be a part of their family. That she kept us well fed the whole time we were there. That her parents are so sweet. Good friends are hard to come by and just because you moved to Ogden Jen don't think you're going to get rid of us.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alina's First Day of Kindergarten

Our sweet Alina Mae started kindergarten today. She was so excited and so patient in waiting for this day. She insisted on wearing her new yellow dress with tennis shoes and I think she made the perfect choice, she looks so beautiful. I already miss her, but I'm also so excited for her big day. I'm so grateful for my kids, I really do have the greatest kids a mom could ask for.