Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jersey #8

Austin had his first football game yesterday. As a parent I always get stressed out when my kids perform.
I want them to do their best, and never give up.
I want them to be proud of themselves.
The first of the game we got slaughtered. Austin was playing wide receiver, but they only did running plays.
Then the 2nd half of the game they had Austin play on defense, which is what we knew he was good at.
The other team had really big players.
One of their big players caught it.
Austin went after him and missed the tackle and was down on the ground.
The boy kept running in for a touchdown.
The next thing we knew Austin came out of nowhere and tackled him hard all by himself, after he had already tried to tackle him and missed.
It was awesome!
Austin can run.
That's why we nicknamed him Dash when he was little.
The team's spirit was back.
He sacked the quarterback.
Austin became a tackling machine.
They finally threw a pass at him and he caught it.
The only catch made on his team.
At the end of the game they awarded 5 trophies.
Austin won 2 of them. One for best tackler, and the other for best defensive player.
Once they realized how awesome Austin was on defense, offense, and the kick off teams he played all 4.
And he was able to hold the other team from scoring more.
He was tired, but excited.
We are so proud of him and his effort for not giving up when it would've been easy to do so.

Austin going in for the tackle.

And making contact.

Friday, August 26, 2011

What it's all about...

Recently the YW lessons I have been teaching have really made me stop and think.
What is life all about?
Why do we have trials?
I've also come across some blogs of people who have lost their little children to sickness and accidents.
My heart hurts so much for these people and makes me wonder how they can even cope.
And then I taught a lesson on eternal perspective.
We have such a limited understanding of the love our Heavenly Father has for us.
He give us trials to make us grow.
To refine us.

To make us worthy to return to Him
I am so blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel.
I'm so grateful for callings that make me grow and expound my understanding of eternal principles.
I'm grateful for moments that help me remember what's important.
I'm grateful to be home with my children.
I'm grateful that I get to be a mom, a wife, a daughter, and a friend.
I'm so very blessed.
And I want to make each moment count with my little ones.
For that is what matters most.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Camera

I finally got a new camera. I've wanted a DSLR for years and now my dream has come true. So yesterday after the kids went to school Olivia and I played with the camera. I'm lucky to have such a cute little subject for my picture taking craziness.

I love all the detail!

She is in full swinging motion in all these pics and they are crystal clear, amazing!

And here she is telling me she refuses to smile anymore. Now I get to play with editing software. :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Day of School

Well we now have a 4th, 2nd, and 1st grader. Poor Livy is going to be left alone. But the one on one time with her will be fun.

This year Austin has Gina Morgan who is in her ward and I currently work with her in YW's. I know he'll learn a lot from her.

Greta has Ms. Brown who was actually Alina's student teacher for awhile last year. We already know she's great and Alina is a bit jealous.

Alina has Mrs. Hollingshead. We know nothing about her, but so far so good.

When we went to check out who was in the kids classes before school started the first thing Austin noticed was that Madison Robinson was in his class. He has a little crush on her. We've told him if they get married she won't have to change her last name. Hahaha.

And of course a picture wouldn't be complete without Livy in her t-shirt and diaper.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Cameron and Bacon

We got chickens this weekend and Cameron says to me, "Now if we could only get one to lay bacon."