Monday, July 20, 2009

American Fork Canyon

Saturday was a great day. We spent it with the Coes, Johnsons, Wilkersons, and Lillie's. We went up American Fork Canyon early in the morning to find a picnic spot and we found a great one. We stayed up there all day and had lunch and did dutch ovens for dinner and dessert.

Most of the day we just sat in our camp chairs in the shade and talked. The kids played together all day and had a blast. They even found a snake.

It was a perfect day and we are glad we got to spend it with friends.

Austin and Sean

Sara, Reagan, Greta, and Hannah

Greta, so cute but soooo dirty!

Brooklyn, Alina, Greta, Hannah

Cameron lookin' hot!

Isn't this picture adorable. Man she's cute!!

Birthday Party

So my sister Shannon turned 30 on the 17th of July and she had sleepover party with all her nieces and nephews. It was their job to plan her 30th birthday party and they had a lot of fun doing it.

They helped us make a roller coaster cake and decorate the house. Then Matthew and Melinda and Lyndsey and Josh came for the party

Then there was dancing to Michael Jackson.

Caden is a dancing fool!

Then we played musical chairs and fruit basket.

Had a silly string fight.

And Shan blew out the candles on her dilapidated cake and joined me in the 30's. Happy Birthday Shannon, we love you!

4th of July Weekend

Cameron had Friday off so we went up to Silver Lake with my family and hiked around. We had lunch and enjoyed the nice weather. It's one of our favorite places to go every summer.

On Saturday we had a bbq at my parents and played water games in the backyard. Grandpa loves to hold the hose and squirt the kids and they love it. My dad mowed a "game board" into the lawn and you had to stay on the track during the water balloon fight. I loved that they ended up soaking Cameron.

Then that night we went to the Riverton park for rides and fireworks and I forgot to take pics. Austin was so brave and went on 2 scary rides. One of them went upside down and kept you that way for about 20 seconds or so. He said it was scary but he'd do it again. He's getting ready to ride all the scary rides at Lagoon when we go in August.
And here is Olivia looking adorable in her red white and blue.

Real Soccer Game

For my mom's work party we got to go to the Real Soccer game. Shannon and Shane and his girlfriend Amy also came. We had never been before and except for the parking issues we had a great time. We even won and it was actually really fun to watch.
I love this picture with the sunset in the background.

Alina being silly.

Random Pictures with Olivia

Olivia's Baby Blessing Sunday June 7, 2009

We got home from our trip to California and frantically got ready for 14 extra people to come and stay for Olivia's blessing. Melanie and Stephen came with their 7 kids and Cam's parents brought Crystal's kids with them Saturday. It was nice to see everyone and just visit that night.

Cam gave Olivia a beautiful blessing. I feel very blessed to have a husband who honors his priesthood.

Olivia was not happy during this picture. Could it be because we had already taken about 100 pics of her.

I love this pic. This is the dress I was blessed in.

And this is Alina getting ready to fight Riley. It was a great weekend.

Carlsbad Beach May 31-June 4

We started the summer off with going to California with some friends from our ward. Shelley Anderson had been wanting us to come and had been working on me for a few months. I wasn't sure about camping on the beach with Olivia. So Shelley went and found us a condo close by that I could stay in with Olivia. Then she asked the Fitzsimmons to come and since they also have a little Olivia they could share the condo with us and make it even cheaper. So we went and we are really glad we did.

We hung out at the campsite most of the time, and that is where we all ate together as well. The kids had so much fun on the beach, they loved it the second they saw it. They thought it would be a lot bluer though.

Alina was our little fish in the water. She never got tired of being at the beach.

Greta also loved the water and the kids turned her into a mermaid

Here is Greta and Ethan picking up seaweed. Alina decided to see if seaweed
tastes good and she says it does.

Austin and all the other kids found crabs all day. The kids would keep them in buckets and leave them out in the sun and they'd die. Or if your Alina you carry it around all day long and kill it by giving it too much love. When Austin found his dead Jason Fitzsimmons dared him to eat it and the stinker ate one of his legs.

The kids under the canopy hanging out.

Our sweet little Olivia did great the entire time.

Here we are in my favorite place in Cali, La Jolla.

In La Jolla they have a beach of sea lions, it was pretty cool to see.

La Jolla also has little tide pools with tons of crabs for the kids to catch.
It was a great trip and we thank Shelley and Heber, April and Brad, and Jason and Hilary for such a great time. We'll camp on the beach next year and we can't wait!!