Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Austin!

Austin is officially 7 years old and we can hardly believe it. He had his birthday party today with 8 of his friends. From left to right: Bridger, Sean, Braden, Carter, Jeremy, Austin, Logan, Spencer and Kenny on the floor.

Austin had a hard time deciding what to have served for his party because he doesn't like cake, cookies, or brownies. Last year we tried pudding, whipped cream and oreos crushed on top with gummy worms and he didn't like that either. He finally decided he only wanted strawberry cupcakes and floating hand punch so that's what we did. As you can tell the boys were a little crazy decorating their cupcakes.

I took the kids to the basement to tell them my secret.....I'm a witch who brings monsters back to life. Some of them weren't sure if I was telling the truth or not. I told them I had some body parts from some animals and corpses and that we would mix them in my cauldron and see if we could get a monster to come alive. We had fingers from a mummy (baby carrots), dried up ears from a corpse (tortilla chips), brains from a chicken (cooked sphagetti), eyeballs from a cow (peeled grapes), and a heart that was warm from a monster that just died (a balloon filled up with warm water). All the boys had to feel each item, I thought Braden was going to throw up every time his hand went in the cauldron. Some didn't even dare touch. Once the heart was in the cauldron the table started shaking and strange sounds came from the stairs and all of a sudden a hairy monster came screaming into the room (Bella Lillie). The boys were freaked out, although if you ask them they weren't scared at all. It was great fun. Happy Birthday Austin!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tagged - Holly

Where did you meet?

At Holly's apartment at Utah State University. I was on a date with her roommate, and the date included dinner at her apartment. Apparently Holly wasn't told of this, and while I was sitting in the living room she walked in with a beautiful green mask on and curlers. It was love at first site.

How long did you date before you were married?

It sorta depends on what you mean by "date". Our first date was Valentines Day 1997. But we weren't technically "dating" just yet. So I guess I'll just copy Holly's answer and say 4 months, plus 2 years on a mission, plus 11 months after I got home.

How long have you been married?

8 years

What is your favorite feature of hers?

She's hot.

Does she have a nickname for you?

Babe, Cam, Master, stuff like that.

What is your favorite quality of hers?

When I left the mission field I was given a packet of a bunch of stuff to read. Some of the stuff in the packet was concerned with marriage, and one talk in particular that stayed with me was from Elder Packer. He said to marry someone who makes you want to be better than you are. That's my favorite quality of hers.

What is her favorite color?


What is her favorite food?


What is her favorite sport?

BYU Football

When and where was your first kiss?

1997, in Holly's apartment, chastely sitting on the floor.

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple?

Play. She's really fun to play with, and sometimes I let her win.

Do you have any children?


Does she have a hidden talent?

She's hot.

And she plays the piano, can sing opera, and runs really fast.

How old is she?

30 1/2

Who said I love you first?

I totally did.

What is her favorite type of music?

Hair band. I had never even heard of Tesla until I met her.

What do you admire most about her?

Her honesty and obedience. And she's hot.

I tag Lyle, Jaysen, Gavin, Jeremy, Trent, Doug,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cameron and Tomatoes

My husband HATES tomatoes. He served a mission in Uruguay where they served plates of tomatoes in the summertime. He never grew to like them. Every summer I try to get him to try a homegrown tomato and he still never likes them.

This year was our first garden and we prayed really hard that we would have success and we did. I found a way to freeze my tomatoes instead of can them and got tired of doing it. Cam said he would do the rest because we were so blessed with tomatoes that we couldn't just let them go to waste.

Here is my cute husband blanching, and peeling the things he hates the most. When I told him he also had to squeeze out the guts and get the seeds out his face turned pale and he said, "ya, I don't think I'll be able to do that." So I helped him and we got it done quick.

Later that night he was sniffing his hands and said, "gross they still smell like tomatoes!"

Thanks for doing a batch for me babe.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Party

We had our first annual adult only Halloween party last night and we had a great turnout.

Cam and I spent the day getting ready by making food and decorating. I had bought this cute decoration in July and forgot all about it. I hurried and finished painting and decorating it yesterday and I think it turned out pretty cute! There is a black cat for the H, but you can't see it in the picture.

Cam and I also made monster brains filled with gucamole dip and homemade salsa. Cam made the salsa and it was gooooood!

We also made some mummy toes.

Everyone arrived and the costumes were amazing! Everyone did such a good job getting into the Halloween spirit. April and Brad came as traitors. You might think they are BYU fans but they aren't. They are total Ute fans and our friendship is now in jeopardy;)

Scott and Julie came as as surfer and a hockey player. Scott reeeally didn't want to dress up, at least he tried:)

Becki and Gavin came Goth. Becki had 4 inch heels on and was waaaay taller than Gavin because of it, it was great.

Michelle and Clint came as Snow White and Prince Charming. Michelle was the prettiest one of us all.

My brother Matthew came with Carson. Matthew wore is pharmacist coat, he really will be one in 1 more year. Carson is the cutest Tigger ever! Melinda stayed home because Caden was sick.

This is my cousin Lyndsey and her husband Josh. They also came Goth and Lyndsey's hair was awesome.

Condon and Lisa Hansen are some great people in our ward. Even though they are old foggies;) they come and support our party. They even dressed up and we had great fun with them. Condon is Indiana Jones and Lisa is a hospital patient.

This is Jamie and Trent Coe and they had great Pirate costumes. Jamie even found one that was modest, I was shocked because I wanted to be a pirate and couldn't find a modest one. They looked great.

Lyndee and Lyle came as Trinity and Neo. When I told Cam what they were going to be he really wanted to change our costumes and do the same thing. I told him we couldn't have 2 of the same thing, we could do it another year. Didn't they fit the part well.

Angie and Chris came as a Wench and a barbarian. Chris liked to pose for us all night long. He's hilarious.

Denise came as a prisoner. Her husband had to work and I was glad she came anyways.

And my favorite costume of the night was Peggy's. She came as Nanny McPhee. When she rang the bell and I answered it she said "I hear that you have some ill-behaved children." It was awesome. She made her costume and it was amazing, she really did look like Nanny Mcphee.

And here is Cam and I. Can you tell what we are. We had fun getting dressed up. We forgot to have a costume contest so you guys tell me who won.

Everyone mingled and ate some great food brought by everyone. I couldn't resist this picture of Condon with Jamie and Trent's baby girl Faith.

We next did a pumpking carving contest. Brad and April you better be putting your "Y" pumpkin on your porch for all to see. Jamie and Trent won the competition. Trent had a drunk pumpkin that barfed up his own guts. It was quite clever.

Then we had some game playing.

Then after everyone left Chris and Angie stayed and helped clean up. I watched Angie wash all the dishes while I stuffed my face with more crap. A lot of you left your leftovers and I'm going to turn into a blimp! Thanks for a great night everyone, we had a lot of fun and I can't wait to see what your costumes are next year!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Austin's Surprise Getaway

Shelley had a fabulous idea on Monday for her, April, and I to take our boys on a date with us Wednesday night since they are out of school for UEA. The plan was to take them right after school to Liberty Land for rides and laser tag, go to dinner, head up to a condo in Midway, swim, watch a movie and finally go to bed. I was on board the minute she asked me to come.

I decided not to tell Austin about it and Shelley and April didn't tell their boys either. I just told Austin that he was going to have a big surprise for him the next day. Austin isn't very patient, it drove him crazy! Cameron was afraid the boys would get together and find out all 3 mom's had a big surprise and wonder if it was the motorhome (from a previous post) that they thought they were getting.

I spent Wednesday getting packed to go and my parents who are always so great took the girls for me for the night. I waited impatiently for Austin to get home from school so I could tell him his big surprise. I had a pack of gum waiting for him and he thought that was his surprise and seemed happy with just that, but when I told him the rest he was ecstatic!

Shelley picked me up and once those 3 boys were together they were absolutely crazy. Shelley and I looked at each other wondering what we had gotten ourselves into.

We met April at Liberty Land and to our disappointment found out they didn't even open until 5 and it was only 3. They did let us minature golf and after the boys broke all the rules and fished all the balls out of the water we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. Mmmmmm pork salads are the best, all 3 of us girls got one while the boys continued to headlock and kick one another. Boys.

We headed back to Liberty Land and did the mini-tidal wave, ferris wheel, helicopters, train, and a really fun rollar coaster that we rode 3 times. They also had the bumper boats and me and the boys got soaked, but Carter and I got Braden and Austin much wetter! Then we played an awesome game of laser tag. It had 2 levels, tons of hideouts, and lots of windows to look through. It was so much fun and the boys favorite adventure of the night.

Don't we look fierce!

We headed to the condo got in an hour of swimming, came back and watched Napoleon Dynamite. I had my first peach fresca and it was yummy.

Austin woke up before everyone so I got up with him and we went to the clubhouse to play ping pong. When we got back everyone was up so we ate breakfast and went swimming again.

We headed to Wendy's for lunch and hit the Park City outlets on the way home. Austin got a new coat that he loves. It was such a fun little getaway to do with just our boys and I know they loved it too!