Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Growing By The Minute

Little Miss Liv sure is growing up. She's so excited to meet her baby brother Lincoln. Every day she has to hug my belly and kiss it. Yesterday she told Lincoln she'll be the best sister ever and not hit him. She can't wait to be a big sister because she thinks that means she'll get to go to school. I think her little heart will be broken when she realizes she has another whole year to wait. 

She's really concerned about getting married. She doesn't want to. She wants to grow up to be a bigger mommy than me but not get married and move out because then that means she has to kiss and hug her boyfriend and that's disgusting. 

 She has no problem stating that she wants to marry bacon every time she eats it though. She acts as if she's gone to heaven when she takes a bite and says, "I love it so much I want to marry it." 

Here are the funny Facebook posts I've said about Olivia this month: 

 Livy: Mom do you want to taste my drink? Me: Sure Livy: (mischevious evil look) know it has slobbers in it, right? 

Livy still singing Christmas songs breaks out into..."When we finally kiss..." I stop her and say, "who are you going to kiss?" She looks at me like I'm crazy and says "goodnight, duh mom."

 I'm always making up words to songs about my kids and singing it to them. Today in response to one I was singing to Liv she sang this back to me, to the tune of Call Me Maybe."

 "Hey my mom is crazy, so here's her number so call her maybe. Because she is driving me craaaaazy, so here's her number so call her maybe." 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick Daddy

Cameron came home from work sick today.  Livy was so happy to see him.  She's a daddy's girl.  She just couldn't leave him alone.  She kept hugging him and grabbing his face and saying, "I'll take care of you my sweetie," and then giving him a big slobbery kiss on his cheek.  I love how much she loves her daddy. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Trip to Idaho for Riley's Baptism January 4-6

Our nephew Riley got baptized so we made the 4 hour journey to Idaho.  We stayed at Crystal's new place and the cousins had so much fun together.  Olivia and Paige our BFF's, they have so much fun together and were so silly at Golden Corral sharing their cotton candy.  I'm so glad my kids have awesome cousins.  What a great weekend!!