Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Bash!

We had Shelley's and April's B-day Thursday night and it was a lot of fun. I almost didn't go because I came down with a really bad cold Tuesday night and it just wouldn't go away. I wasn't even sure if I was going to go until about 40 minutes before we had to leave.

I went and had a lot of fun despite my terrible cold. We started out the trip with lunch at Dear Lizzy's. It's this adorable shabby chic shop with a bistro. We had people either staring at us or trying not to stare since we were dressed in our old prom dresses. We had crimped hair, side pony tails, scrunchies and big bows to help accessorize our look. We looked hot! All the little girls thought we were princesses. When I came down my stairs Greta said to me, "oh mommy you look beautiful." I looked anything but beautiful.

The store owners at Dear Lizzy's thought we looked fabulous and took our picture for us in the store.

From left to right: Kelly, Lynette, Me, Julie, Katie, Cami, Becki (in the back), Shelley laying across us, Angie, and April.

I have to say my favorite outfit was the one Kelly wore. She didn't have an old prom dress so she wore a levi mini-skirt with leg warmers, a headband, a pony tail with neon elastics all through it, huge earrings, sunglasses and her rolled up sleeves. She looked awesome.

Then of course we had to get a shot of us jumping up and down, why did we do that again? Shelley ended up ripping her dress on the first jump.

We went up to Wolf Creek in Ogden canyon. We had an awesome spaghetti dinner and just hung out being girls.

We watched "Never Been Kissed" and stayed up late just talking. It was awesome. Kudos to you girls for talking about how great your husbands are. So many times I've been with girls who bash their husbands and I don't get it because I love my husband, so it was refreshing and nice to hear that you all love your husbands too. I enjoyed learning more about all of you. And Shelley we will never forget that you are cheap and dirty;)

This cake is fabulous. It's been a tradition with them to make this cake for everyone's birthday. It was sooooo goooood!

We did some karaoke and my favorite was when April did her rendition of NKOTB.

When we checked in they gave Shelley 2 free razors. Angie hurried and wrapped them in napkins along with some laundry detergent for their present from us.

Angie and Shelley showing us their tennis skills

Thanks girls for a great weekend. When we do it again I promise to give you my rendition of Tiffany's "I Think We're Alone Now." I did that song for the 6th grade talent show and I still remember all the moves;)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Have Officially Been Invited!

This is Shelley and April. They are having birthdays soon and decided to do a girls getway to the Wolf Creek Condos. No boys or children allowed. I've been planning on it for over a month now and yesterday they showed up at my house looking like this with my official invite and rules on coming, here they are....

Those of you who are coming are requested to wear an old prom dress too, and remember you can't look better than the birthday girls!! So start shopping DI, or start searching for your old dresses, or even borrow one. Anyhow just show up wearing one. It's going to be SUPER FUN!!!!!! There's even rumor of a karoke sing off. So start selecting your songs girls.

I can't wait, it'll be a blast! Happy Birthday girls.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I've never done this before, but Lyndee tagged me so I figured why not.

3 Joys:
My Family
Watching something I plant grow
Watching my children be happy

3 Fears:
Something harmful happening to my children or husband
Being alone at night

3 Goals:
To get my Royal Empress Trees growing
Pay off our car
Attend the temple once a month

3 Current Obsessions:
Finishing the Host
Getting rid of clutter
Getting our fall yard work done

3 Random or surprising facts:
I used to sneak out at night in highschool and go to Murray Park with all my friends and trespass and have the security guards chase us. We'd go across the street and taunt them because they couldn't do anything to us off property and then we'd sneak back in and do it all over again.

I used to sluff Granger highschool constantly with Kim and go to Murray Park and play tag on the playground with all our friends. Then at Bingham High I'd ditch school with my friend Liz all the time. I'd have to duck past the class I was ditching because it was all windows and I had to walk past it to get to the parking lot.

I almost got in a fight with a girl at the mall once. She was mad because her boyfriend liked me so she wanted to fight. The security guards even came to settle her down. I'm pretty sure I could've taken her. ;)

Now to think of it I did most of my crazy stuff with you kim, we had so much fun though:)

I Tag.....Kim, Jenalee, and Krishelle

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Peggy Cannon

We had a very busy, very fun, very rewarding weekend. This picture is of Peggy Cannon and her daughter April Hintze. They are my backyard neighbors, we share a gate that all the kids walk through. It's great having them as my backyard neighbors, I couldn't ask for better.

Peggy has a bad hip and needs a new one badly. She has been denied any financial help from the state. Her surgery has been postponed 3 times that I'm aware of and Peggy's hip just gets worse.

Bella Lillie came up with a great idea to do a fundraiser for Peggy so her and the rest of the activity day girls sent flyers out for a neighborhood movie under the stars with all proceeds going for a new hip for Peggy. April thought it was a great idea and decided to do a garage sale the same day. April, Shelley, Becki, and I spent Friday night pricing items, there were so many donated items it took forever. We had fun though and all of our kids were the first to spend money and they all spent a lot of our money! Austin ended up with a very interesting painting of tigers, I'll have to do a post about that later.

Saturday morning we all woke up at 6:00am and went to work setting things out. We made treats to sell and April also had a cotton candy and snow cone machine. It was a great success and everyone helped take a load of what was leftover to the DI.

That night we all went to the park for the movie with more homemade goodies to buy. We watched Enchanted and then the sprinklers came on and the whole crowd moved at lightening speed, it was hilarious. We had to end the night early, but it was also a great success. Greta actually got sick in the middle of the night from all the cotton candy and snow cones, it was worth it though.

We have such a wonderful ward and neighborhood, I was glad to be a part of this and grateful that my kids could be as well. We had a good FHE Monday night on love and what was done for Peggy. We wish Peggy the best of luck, all my kids love her and her gummi bears.

Activity Day Girls

Becki Lillie, Kelli Wilde and April Triggs.

Our family plus Brooklyn, she might as well be in our family. Her and Alina love and hate each other just like siblings do.

Monday, September 15, 2008

A Bit of News.......

Well since Cam and I have told our parents I guess we can share the news with all of you........I'm having a BABY!!! Please don't be offended if I didn't call you personally to tell you because I'd much rather not tell a soul and just let people wonder and guess if I'm pregnant or just getting fat. Jen you might be able to relate to this remember the sign game:) I just don't like all the attention and don't really even like telling my own family.

Anyways we are 9 weeks along and I'm already showing a bit. Either there are more than one kid in there or this one is going to be a giant.

Austin is hoping for a boy, he's tired of girls. Surprisingly Greta also wants a little brother and Alina doesn't like boys so it has to be a sister for her to be happy.

We are very excited, I think I'm still in shock but happy. This is my first pregnancy where I'm not working or have to deal with maternity leave and a tiny apartment to put a baby in. It almost feels like it's the first time and I'm grateful for this blessing of having a home, a great neighborhood and support of friends and family and that I don't have to work, it's a bit of Heaven for me.

Monday, September 8, 2008


My camera is broken until further notice, but go check out our fun game night at our house on Lyndee's blog at Cam did some Michael Jackson moves, good times! It was a great night, thanks for coming everyone, we'll do it again soon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Priceless Conversations

Cam and I were sitting downstairs and one of the kids flushed the toilet, here is our conversation about it....
Cam: (look of utter confusion) What was that sound?
Holly: One of the kids flushed the toilet.
Cam: Geese, I thought it was rushing water or something.
Holly: (I look at him to see if he's serious and he is) That 's exactly what it was babe.
Cam: (A look of confusion and then ohhhh and then he laughs his head off.)

Austin: Mom how much do motor homes cost?
Mom: I don't know like $50K or something.
Austin (moaning) Oh it's going to take forever!
Mom. What's going to take forever?
Austin: Me and my friends are saving up our money to buy a motor home.

Mom: Why?
Austin: Because we decided we don't want to go to school so if you buy a motor home you have to live in the woods were there aren't schools and then we can kill rattlesnakes.
Mom: How much do you have?
Austin: $45.00
Mom: Wow, ya it's going to take awhile, just keep saving.

Greta: Mom I can't wait to be a mom like you.
Mom: (gushing with pride) Why do you want to be a mom?
Greta: So I can stay up late.

We were at the dinner table last night asking the kids what they learned in Primary. Here is what Alina learned.

Mom: What did you learn Alina?
Alina: (In a sing songy voice) I learned....
I am a child of God
And you have to clean the yucky stuff off your shirt (as she cleans half of her dinner off her shirt)
And then you have to do a pliƩ (from Bella Dancerella)
And Dumb Dog why are you following me (From Annie)