Monday, January 14, 2008

A Night at the Oscars

Instead of an employee Christmas party, Cam's work does their party in January. This year the theme was "A Night at the Oscars."

It took place at the Wells Fargo building in Salt Lake City. We were on the 24th floor (the highest it goes) and the view was amazing. Unfortunately we didn't bring our camera with us to show you how beautiful Salt Lake is at night.

We had our name announced as we arrived and even had to walk the "red carpet." There were about 300 people and Cam was an announcer for the night. We enjoyed a very nice meal and great entertainment. It was so fun to get dressed up and go out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Can you believe it's 2008?!? Our New Year was great! We went to our friend Jen and Greg's home and we brought our Wii. We played it while eating meatball subs, 7-layer dip, cheese dip, donuts, and Cam's fancy sparkling beverages from IKEA! We stayed up until 2AM and so did the kids. They were running around with their friends Halle and Jack and just wouldn't stop. When we got home they were still awake. They slept in until 10:00 though and were a bit ornery yesterday.

New Year's Day we ate more junk food and played the Wii some more. The picture is of my brother Matthew and his wife Melinda, they got pretty competitive:) It's the perfect party game. The kids favorite thing to do was create "wii mii's". That is where you create your own wii character to look like someone. It has all kinds of eyes, lips, hair, bone structure etc to create your very own wii mii.

Now it's back to the grindstone. Cam is at work and Austin goes back to school today, but we are going house shopping tonight yay!

Happy New Year!