Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greta's Bug Program

Greta has been waiting for weeks for her Bug Program for Kindergarten. She has been saving all the songs for us to only hear on the night of her performance. She chose to be a ladybug for the big night. So now her nickname "Gretabug" really fits.

Here is Greta with her some of her classmates. She is sitting next to Alyssa, Chelsea, Maddie, & Payton.

This is her teacher Mrs. Spaulding and one of her closest friends Alyssa. Mrs. Spaulding just had a baby in March and was gone for 6 weeks and Greta is happy to have her back.

Greta sang every song and did all the actions. Olivia was really proud of her big sister. The second Greta came down from the stage Olivia started clapping and yelling and instantly threw her arms around Greta and started patting her back. She really loved the show. Gretabug we are so proud of you!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Olivia is ONE!

Our Livvy Lou, Princess Squishy, Livvy, Squish Tot is One! We have had such a great year with our little girl. She is so much fun in every way. Here is why we love Olivia.

Every morning when she sees me she reaches for me to get her out of her crib.

We love when she wakes up with her crazy hair and boogers everywhere. All she wants to do is eat right away. She'll give everyone a hug and then she wants foooood! She loves pancakes. She always wants to stand in her highchair no matter how many times we tell her not to.

Olivia loves animals. She loves to snuggle all the kittens.

Every morning and night for prayers Olivia will fold her arms. It's so sweet. She will even mumble like she is praying. She is just so cute.

And sometimes she'll even bow her head.

Olivia loves to play peek-a-boo. She'll do it with her hands, food, toys, or blankets. She just loves to play.

Olivia loves to take a bath. Her two favorite words are "bath" and "food."

Olivia loves to be outside. She wants to explore everything, but mostly she just wants to be with her brother and sisters. I'll take her in the stroller to meet Austin and Greta from school and she gets so excited to see them.

She loves to swim. She loves to try and drink all the water and gets mad when we won't let her.

She loves babies. This is her cousin Madison and Olivia always wants to hug her until she starts crying. Then she thinks she needs to hug her more so she'll stop crying. She has no idea that she is the reason why Madison is crying.

This is her little best friend Faith. They are 8 months apart. They love being together and luckily Olivia's hugs are well received with Faith.

Olivia has so many funny faces. This is her fish face. She will do it on command. When she was younger she would stick her tongue out and say "Ahhhhh" to us each morning. It was her own special hello.

This is her cheesy smile that she does all the time. I hope she never stops giving us this smile.

Olivia loves her brother and sisters. She has a really hard time when Austin and Greta go to school and Alina goes to play. She will follow me around the house crying because she wants them home. When they do get home it's lots of hugs and smiling.

Most of all we love how Olivia loves her whole family. Already at a young age she recognizes how important family time is. I'm so glad she loves being with us because we sure love being with her. Happy Birthday Olivia!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Break April 5-9th

We had a great spring break with the kids. It was Cams last week to be unemployed so we played hard with the kids.

We took them to a hotel in Lehi for two nights because it was cheap and just got all of us out of the house. We swam, pigged out on junk food, and played nintendo. The kids thought it was the greatest vacation ever.

All they wanted to do the whole time was swim. Even Olivia loved the pool and was so cute in her little baby float. And she discovered her new favorite treat, chicken in a biscuit crackers.

Thursday night we put the tent up in the living room because it was still really cold outside, and had a little sleepover with the girls in it. Austin decided to spend the night with Carter at his home. We watched Nanny McPhee and did some dutch oven dinner. We had a great spring break just being together as a family.