Saturday, May 23, 2009


Olivia was 1 month old on Friday and we still can't get enough of her. Here are a few things about Olivia Alice.

Some days she is perfectly happy and others she crys unless she is given complete attention all day. I can't get much done on her ornery days, but at the same time I love to just sit and hold her.

She has smiled about a handful of times and I know it isn't gas because she is wide awake when she does it. Although she does have plenty of gas, she gets that from her dad.

She loooooves to be naked. If I can't console her any other way then I just strip her down to her diaper and she's happy as can be.

At bedtime I'll put her down and even if Cam and I stay up for awhile she'll sleep, but the second the lights go out and I lay down she wakes up.

She gets the hiccups every single day and she hates them.

Whenever people see how much hair she has they can't believe it. My friend Lyndee had a party last night with a few friends and her 6 sisters and they couldn't get enough of her. Everyone held her, I hardly saw her all night. At one time I heard them talking about seeing an ad for a toupe for a baby and they thought maybe I had bought one. Nope, her hair is real and has natural highlights in it.

She loves her big sister Greta. Greta is her second mom. She calls Olivia "baby doll" and changes her diapers and sings to her. Olivia will calm right down when Greta is around.

She got the nickname baby doll because everyone tells us that is what she looks like. Alina says she's a baby doll that's alive.

Olivia has really curly hair when it's wet. Cam and I took this picture right as she was pooping in the towel. Look at that concentration. I've tried to put gel and mousse in her hair to keep the curl but it never stays curly once it's dry.

She loves to take a bath. When she was born they gave her her first bath right in the sink in my room and she loved having the water poured on her head. She still loves it. She gets mad when bath time is over.

For Mother's Day I finally ventured out to church with Olivia to see the program the kids put on. Lyndee taught them a new song to sing for Mother's Day and the kids kept it a secret. Alina kept trying to sing it and Austin and Greta would scream "be quiet Alina." She would try to sing it to me for a couple weeks to torture them, it worked.

Olivia wouldn't smile for the pic so we took a funny one instead.

Then she calmed down.

Here she is in her church dress. She's so adorable.

Here are the latest funny conversations Alina had with my dad.

We were playing I spy and grandpa said I spy somebody with a big belly. He was meaning me since I was 9 months pregnant but Alina apparently thought he was talking about himself because she screams "grandpa."


Alina and Greta are playing outside and find a bunch of ants so they run and tell grandpa. He comes out with a can of ant spray and starts killing them. Alina asks him what he is doing and he tells her he's killing the ants. Alina goes from mad to sad to mad again and stomps off. An hour later she came up to my dad on the couch very calmly and said this....

Alina: Grandpa ya know how you killed all those baby ants.
Grandpa: Yes
Alina: Well all the moms are mad at you and are going to get together and come and kill you.
Grandpa: They won't be able to find me.
Alina: They'll come and get you when your asleep.

Alina Mae, you gotta love her!

Friday, May 8, 2009

31 Years Old and 2 Weeks Old

I turned 31 years old on Wednesday May 6th and Olivia turned 2 weeks old. She had her 2 week appointment yesterday and she is up from her 7 lbs. 10 oz to 8 lbs and 5 oz. She has also grown from 19 inches to 21 inches. She's had a bit of a cold this last week, but she's still a good happy baby. We love having her here.

I have the best friends a girl could have. Jamie threw me a party at her house Wednesday night. We were going to wear our wedding dresses, but the girls figured I needed a bit more time to be able to fit into mine since it's only been 2 weeks, so we wore our wedding veils instead and watched "Bride Wars." My sweet husband had me leave Olivia home so he could get some time with her alone, and I could have a break.

April, Becki, Shelley, Jamie, Lyndee, Holly, Shannon, Hannah and Greta. Camille isn't pictured because she came later.

This is the ugly cake that Shelley makes for everyone and it's reaaalllly good! The uglier it is the better it tastes! Lyndee also made me an icecream cake that was delicious! And April brought the carrots and dip so we could have something healthy;)

Jamie knows how much I love ice when I'm pregnant so they borrowed a snow cone machine so I could have flavored ice. It doesn't get much better than that for me! Trent was great to put up with all of us crazy girls in our wedding veils!

After visiting and painting our toe nails we went downstairs for the movie with real movie theatre popcorn.

Greta was the lucky one because she got to come and hangout with Hannah during the party. As the night got later Hannah and Greta got crazier. They have so much fun together.

My dear sister Shannon came all the way from New York to see Olivia. She stayed with me for 3 days and got Austin off to school for me so I could sleep and she kept my kids and all the neighbor kids entertained all day long. She's great with kids and they all love her. My friends once again welcomed her here and she got to come to the party. Thanks for a great birthday everyone!